So, 這週訪問到一堆VIP.

Monday: 我的最愛:陳奕迅 Eason Chan


Tuesday: 馬上大搜尋 錄影整天!

Wednesday: My girl Elva~

Thursday: 訪問好萊烏新嘻哈團體: The League "我的大聯盟". 結果相機沒電.  
整個很氣. 總有一天會向他們經紀人要些照片過來.

Friday: 主持寶格麗碗表上市記者會. 首次遇見巨人: 何守正. 
耶. 他整個必須要蹲下來有沒有.




哼. 氣完再Po好了.

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  • Nicole
  • Hello

    Hey Ruby! First time leaving comment in your blog...Hahaha. Anyway, I am from Singapore~Hope to see you here soon?

    PS: While reading through your previous post, found out that you had watched PS I love you before too...READ THE BOOK! It's much more nicer!
  • Hey Nicole~! nice to see u here~I'd definitely read the book if I have time...but damn that movie made me cry! haha...

    princessruby 於 2008/07/14 23:26 回覆

  • Priscilla
  • Hey beauty

    hallo~~It's been a long time since the last time I'm here.
    Wow, seems like you have a new show,hope I can watch it from here..maybe youtube,somewhere else or wherever I could find.
    I opened a new blog,feel free to hit some comments over here -->
    *promoting wink wink*
  • hey girl~! thanx for the drop by~! I went to check out your blog~! it's nice~! unfortunately, when I tried to leave a comment, I was asked to join, and you know me, i'm just too lazy for that now...anyway, just wanna letcha know i was there k~!

    princessruby 於 2008/07/14 23:23 回覆

  • Priscilla
  • Thank you

    Thank you for dropping by!
    yeah thats the problem with Vox,you have to be a member before you can leave comments.Nvm tho,thanks for support!Drop by again anytime bebeh.I might treat you some virtual food haha jk.
  • wolfwenbin
  • ^_^可以跟大排拍照的感覺真好

    可以跟大排拍照的感覺真好!那你自己的感覺是怎樣呢?還是你覺得你自己也是大牌!所以~~呵呵! 沒有什麼感覺呢?